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#cookit: Seb’s Sneaky Cheeky Bloody (Hell) Mary

Like Vodka? Like Tomato? Like a little ZING in your life? Read, pour, drink.  This one is for you. Here’s the advice – experiment with how spicy you like it.  Each to their own, mmmkay?  Sriracha is different to Tabasco and brings a more complex taste at the cost of the ‘raw’ heat of the… Read More »

#cookit: Pot Roast Chicken a la Crock Pot

I am a major fan of the ‘one pot meal’ concept.  That said, I’ve never really dabbled in Crock Pot (slow cooker for the UK folks…) cooking. Why?  Possibly because I can never get my head passed the late, great Robin Williams in the masterpiece Good Morning Vietnam: ‘What’s the weather like out there? “It’s… Read More »

#cookit: Pancakes (American “Fluffy” Style)

Although not as good as the crepe style pancakes we have in the UK, ‘American Style’ fluffy pancakes are delicious when done right. I got this recipe from a line cook in my favorite Diner in New York where they actually make their own batter (as opposed to buying in 25 kilo bags of Crocker mix… Read More »

#cookit: Pancakes (Proper British Pancakes)

Proper, old-fashioned British pancakes are the real deal.  Much closer to a French crepe than American “fluffy”pancakes, their awesomeness is in their simplicity. 5 ingredients plus butter for frying are all that’s required, job done – and there is only 1 trick and 1 secret to success.  The trick is in having a great, smooth (preferably… Read More »

#cookit: Weekend Tip – Greaseproof Paper

This weekend’s tip is all about greaseproof paper, one of my unsung kitchen heros. Here are a few things you can do with it that you might not have tried: Use as a cartouche on a soup or stew to prevent liquid loss or skins forming Fold around meat (such as a chicken breast) to… Read More »