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From the Cloud: Microsoft flicks the switch on “Windows As A Service”

So it’s finally happened. Windows as a Service is now officially here. This week (Tuesday 12th) Microsoft announced at it’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference (“WPC” to those in the know…) that Windows 10 would be made available from Cloud Solution Providers (“CSPs”) in a subscription based consumption model akin to Office 365. Consumable as “Windows… Read More »

#CloudTalk: 3 Paragraphs Series – What is #PowerShell?

PowerShell is a script automation framework developed and released by Microsoft that empowers system administrators and developers to perform tasks predictably and repeatedly.  Originally part of the Microsoft Management Framework for Windows, PowerShell now ships as part of the Windows operating system in both its workstation and server guises. Similar in concept to the shells that… Read More »

From the #Cloud: 3 Paragraphs Series – What are #Containers?

The key to the implementation of successful Cloud scale solutions is in the delivery of services that can operate effectively, efficiently and when required, independently.  Containers provide a level of process and service isolation that has historically been neither possible or practical. Containers provide isolated, governed resources for applications to utilise that are extremely compute… Read More »