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#CloudTalk: 3 Paragraphs Series – What is #HyperV?

Hyper-V is a virtualisation technology developed by Microsoft which enables the efficient sharing of host compute resources between multiple virtual guest machines. A native hypervisor, Hyper-V allows multiple virtual machine guests to run simultaneously providing access to host resources and virtual resources (such as networks, disks and other virtual machines). Hyper-V was first available with… Read More »

From the #Cloud: Ineligible to switch your Office 365 plan? Part 1

I’ve recently experienced a specific occurrence of this issue within one of our small customer tenants. The resolution was simple, but the cause was frustrating – Microsoft’s approach to disabling trial/non-GA license types within a subscription. In this example, Planner was the culprit.  You’re probably aware that (at the time of writing) Planner has recently… Read More »