From #Windows: TrayStatus ‘An Unknown Error Has Occurred’

By | April 7, 2017

Came across a doozy today.

I’m a big fan of TrayStatus, a neat utility for Windows from BinaryFortress. It provides a number of visual indicators right into the Window System Tray and in my case (as a Surface Book user) I use it for disk I/O and (when writing) Caps Lock status.

It does a bunch of other stuff also, which you can see from the screen shot below:


On boot, my usually reliable Windows 10 startup was marred by a modal from TrayStatus stating:

Now I would not call myself a Windows expert by any stretch but when anything mentioning the word ‘Counter’ comes along, I’m straight into the Command Prompt to shake out a lesser known Windows utility called ‘LODCTR’.

There is a query mode for LODCTR:

But on this occasion I rolled straight in with a rebuild:

Which threw an error:

Which I have seen before. Now here comes the science bit – just run it again!

Why does it work second time around? I’m not entirely sure, but I know that in most of the cases of failure I have seen, the second time is the charm.

Weird huh?

more to follow.

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