Why #GoogleGlass was better than #HoloLens will ever be…

By | January 23, 2015

The launch of HoloLens is typical Microsoft. Well timed. Maximum punch. I love it.

It is unquestionably a technological masterpiece, but so was the Death Star, right?

For me, looking around the hype there is a fundamental issue I have with Hololens that I really didn’t have with Glass.

Google glass was about “looking up”. ┬áIt was about creating a technology that enabled the user to remain interactive and engaged in the world around them whilst indulging and utilising technology. Hololens is about immersion – it’s about becoming more engaged in the virtual world which means you’re less part of the real world.

Notwithstanding certain specific applications, as a potential consumer product it’s great for tech, but bad for mankind.

more to follow…

2 thoughts on “Why #GoogleGlass was better than #HoloLens will ever be…

  1. John Liu

    I think Hololens is less virtual reality than Occulus Rift. And less augmented related than Google Glass.

    It sits somewhere in the middle in a hybrid space. Being able to overlay physical geometry with virtual overlays. In that capability, it is completely unique.

  2. BEN

    There is many ways that hololens is better than glass why
    because its planned for actual release and has planned price coming next week and has lots of developers backed up and has a very powerful processor and technology unlike crappy glass and its unique to the rest of the industry. 7 years in the making, 5 years of development. decades of vision from MS has brought to life. Glass is nothing like glass AR concepts from decades ago. So this article is invalid and pointless. Hololens is more than hype, its more than just a product of flash to make MS cooler.


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