From the database: #SharePoint Eventcache EventType codes

By | July 22, 2014

Here’s a list of the Eventcache (changelog) EventType codes and their meanings. This list is from Wss3.0 (SharePoint 2007, MOSS) but still relevant in the main for later versions.

Mostly here as a reference for me as I am continually looking this stuff up and having to perform the conversion in Excel!


Original Hex Hex for Excel Decimal Description
0x00000001 1 1 A list item is added.
0x00000002 2 2 A list item is modified.
0x00000004 4 4 A list item is deleted.
0x00000008 8 8 A list item is restored from a backup.
0x00000010 10 16 A discussion list item is added.
0x00000020 20 32 A discussion list item is modified.
0x00000040 40 64 A discussion list item is deleted.
0x00000080 80 128 A discussion list item is closed.
0x00000100 100 256 A discussion list item is activated.
0x00001000 1000 4096 A generic add event.
0x00002000 2000 8192 A generic modification event.
0x00004000 4000 16384 A generic delete event.
0x00008000 8000 32768 A generic rename event.
0x00010000 10000 65536 Move into.
0x00020000 20000 131072 Restore.
0x00040000 40000 262144 A permission level is added.
0x00080000 80000 524288 A role assignment is added.
0x00100000 100000 1048576 A modification executed by the system.
0x00200000 200000 2097152 A member (2) is added to a group (2).
0x00400000 400000 4194304 A member (2) is deleted from a group (2).
0x00800000 800000 8388608 A permission level is deleted.
0x01000000 1000000 16777216 A permission level is updated.
0x02000000 2000000 33554432 A role assignment is deleted.
0x04000000 4000000 67108864 Move away.
0x08000000 8000000 134217728 A navigation structure is changed.

more to follow…

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