Thinking Out Loud: Facebook, enough is enough!

By | June 16, 2014

Over the last few years Facebook has steadily been encroaching on my life.

I’m sure I am not unique.  If you’re on it, you’re in it – constantly, right?

I don’t believe I have an addictive personality but my routines have steadily changed, and I knew there was an “issue” when my media interaction order of preference became:

  1. check Facebook
  2. check SMS
  3. check Twitter
  4. check email
  5. (check yammer)

I used to be content with SMS and email but things have changed.  I was one step away from obsessed.

Taking an inspirational leaf from AA, I’ve entered into a 5 step process:

  1. Admit I have a problem (done)
  2. Make a decision to affect change (done)
  3. Separate my Facebook lives (done)
  4. Use Facebook twice a day (in progress)
  5. Be happier

For me, the big part of this actually is not the reduction of use, it’s the separation of Facebook lives.

My professional and personal lives had become entangled on Facebook resulting in me having to constantly explain to non-professional friends what things were, why I travel so much, etc. and having to keep professional friends at arms length over some aspects of my personal life.

Time consuming and frustrating.

The resolution was so simple it defied belief…

  • Offload everybody in my personal life that I probably would not invite to dinner with the family (shit ton of people)
  • Migrate everybody left in my personal life to a new Facebook profile (took a while but with the reduced headcount, totally worth it)
  • Backup (thanks for this by the way Facebook, nice feature!) all my posts, photos, etc. and re-post to the new personal profile
  • Remove everything personal and not relevant to my professional life from my original profile (still ongoing)
    • still leaving it human with enough real life colour to be interesting
  • Carry on – happy, content and addiction free

I feel better.  I really do.

It’s been 2 hours only but I feel like a new man.  I hope it lasts.

more to follow…

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Facebook, enough is enough!

  1. Arthur Olcot

    Absolutely agree. I went through something similar a year or so ago and now I have 2 twitter handles and 2 facebook profiles albeit my SQL one is a community type page and not a fully separated profile. Facebook at the time didn’t allow multiple profiles with the same email address, not sure if that has changed. People should endeavour to keep their personal and professional social media steams apart for all sorts of reasons 🙂

  2. Terry Cornwell


    Totally agree with this approach. In my world, Facebook is strictly a personal thing and I make a habit of not befriending work colleagues through Facebook. Why would I want work colleague seeing what I got up to on a Saturday afternoon with my daughters, or Saturday night with the lads for that matter?

    The separation between your “business” persona and your “real life” persona is important. It’s what allows you to switch off at the end of the day. My approach uses Twitter to present my business face. I find Twitter & Yammer far better for this, keeping Facebook more family and friend orientated (although saying this, I’ve still not accepted my mother in laws friend request!)

    This approach also lets me post those “End of the Day” messages after a “hard” day at work without upsetting the apple cart!



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