PowerGUI Menu Bar vanished? Look no further!

By | August 27, 2013

Odd one.

I love PowerGUI, it’s my ISE of choice (other ISEs are available).

I’ve recently upgraded to version 3.7 and a strange problem cropped up – the menu bar has disappeared.

Hot keys (Ctrl+N, etc.) still work but no menu, very annoying. Uninstall does not fix the issue.

Fortunately a skim around the profile folder in Windows helped me to locate the file “BarManagerLayoutFile.XML” which seemed a likely candidate for fixing this.

Profile folder is here, by the way…

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\PowerGUI

I looked around the file and could not easily locate a key called “showthefrikkinmenu” so (after backing it up) deleted the file in the hope that it would be re-created on next start of PowerGUI.

Lo and behold, re-start of PowerGUI gave me my menu bar back and re-created the XML file.


more to follow…

7 thoughts on “PowerGUI Menu Bar vanished? Look no further!

  1. Alexis

    THANK YOU, I was so annoyed that I started using something else that I didnt like as much as powergui !

  2. Wayne.Plummer@eu.citrix.com

    Another vote of thanks from me.



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