SQL Server 2012 Cluster Installation Failure – "volume does not belong to cluster group"

By | July 18, 2013

Strange one this, but simple to solve.

During a scripted installation (part PowerShell, part standard SQL configuration file) of SQL Server 2012 in a cluster configuration (initial cluster install in this case) the installation would halt (annoyingly silently) before after the pre-flight checks and cluster validation checks.

A review of the summary.txt (as always found in the bootstrap folder) revealed an error:

“The volume that contains SQL Server data directory L:dblogs does not belong to the cluster group.”

A careful check of the cluster storage (including a running of the cluster validation tool) and Windows presentation told me that the storage was presented, available and correctly mounted and assigned a drive letter. All appeared to be well.

A second attempt was made, alas. No joy. In the time honoured fashion, a reboot of all the cluster nodes was tired. No dice.

Frustrated, I was thinking about tearing down the cluster (I have seen oddities where clusters just don’t come up quite right and cluster resources incorrectly report when queried in certain ways) when I noticed something slightly out of the ordinary.

The name of the cluster resource (in this case “logs”) had a capital letter – unusual, as I am known for my disregard of capitals(!), a quick change in CLUADMIN and, PRESTO! the install ran fine.

I’m not sure if this is a definative, known requirement, but it caught me unawares.

more to follow…

5 thoughts on “SQL Server 2012 Cluster Installation Failure – "volume does not belong to cluster group"

  1. Mohamed Toure

    I ran into this issue as well and was scratching my head for the same reasons you did. The OS was seeing the drives fine, the iSCSI was configured properly and the vhd had a volume on it. Like I said, the OS saw the drive. The drive letters and description match from the Server and Cluster as well. I remember one time while configuring my cluster I had a error about the drive and all I had to do was to put the drive in the error log in maintenance mode and reformat it in the OS. That’s exactly what I did this time, I put the Log drive in maintenance mode, formatted it in the OS on the node currently owning it and put it back in active mode. When I ran the setup again, the installation ran fine. I am actually installation the other two nodes as I am typing this. Hope this also help in adding to the troubleshooting queue for this issue.

  2. Ben Joyce

    I had the same error but have a stranger solution. Some of my data directories were local (TempDB, TempDBLogs) and some were on shared storage. I had one error saying I should move TempDB to Shared Storage so I did that and then after that the previous error (“volume does not belong to cluster group” etc) went away.

  3. Francis Apel

    I had the same error. I just put the disks into maintenance mode and then turned maintenance mode back off. That fixed it.


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