UK SharePoint people – #suguk needs you!

By | March 12, 2013

C’mon people, step right up. STEP RIGHT UP!

The UK SharePoint User Group (#suguk) is awesome. Great people giving up their time to selflessly help us all learn and get better.

I have one and only one downside. I’ve been looking at the sessions recently and I can’t remember the last time that an event was delivered where at least one of the sessions was not delivered by an SUGUK co-ordinator/organiser.

As awesome as these sessions are (and they really are) the user group needs to be growing and developing and that’s down to you – the attendees.

As Delia would say, “let’s be ‘avin you!”

I would love to see more sessions being delivered by members of the community, it doesn’t matter what the subject is. It doesn’t matter if you have never done it before. It doesn’t matter if you’re nervous. The community looks after it’s own and you will be supported.

Talk to your local organiser and volunteer a session, talk to them about how to do your presentation, talk to other members of the community that are not involved in organising the events – we’ll be delighted to help get you prepared, honed and ready to rock.

Let’s give the organisers a rest from their presenting duties shall we?

more to follow…

2 thoughts on “UK SharePoint people – #suguk needs you!

    1. Mark Stokes

      Well said Seb.

      I always try to encourage new speakers from our region to share their stories.

      The community constantly needs new blood and ideas so everyone is welcome.

      To Salvatore… There is no formal session submission for the groups, just contact the leader of the group that is local to you and drop us an email saying that you would like to do a session and a quick title / paragraph about what the topic is.

      As Seb said, we are more than happy to give new speakers and help and assistance with their sessions as they need.

      Also, if you are not confident in a full hour , then we can often try to arrange 2 half hour sessions to make it a bit easier.

      Hope this helps.


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