Nokia Lumia 920 Feedback

By | January 3, 2013

The nice folks at Nokia (@nokia_connects) kindly loaned me a Lumia 920 through December and frankly, I like it.

Not since the heady days of the first Blackberry I was given have I been so monumentally convinced that a switch of phone is required, to a point where I am even considering buying one (once Nokia offer me a nice incentive, of course!) and trashing the HTC I have been happy with for a while now.

Things I really like (some are Lumia features, others provided by Windows Phone 8):

  • The camera is awesome. Great quality and simple to tweak.
  • Connectivity just works. Switching regularly between 5 wifi networks, and 5 bluetooth enabled cars/devices with zero failures in the entire time I have been using it.
  • Strong signal reception. My HTC struggles in my SUV to maintain a good connection to both the cell network and the in-car bluetooth. Lumia just worked.
  • Text read-aloud and respond while bluetooth connected to cars. Couldn’t figure out how to use twitter (getting it to use a D or @ must be like using one of those stylus on a PalmPilot, only for the chosen few) but a boon for keeping family connected when driving.
  • No pocket unlocks.
  • Push and hold the back button for “recently used apps”.

I can take or leave the tiled interface. It’s nice, sure, but on it’s own, it is not a reason to use WP8 in my opinion.

What’s not to like? Ringtones – no regular “ring-ring” ringtone plus the latest warpy version of the infamous Nokia tune. Oh, and the on-screen keyboard in portrait mode is a little too small for me, I have chunky thumbs.. 🙂

If that’s all I can complain about, then things must be good.

more to follow…

2 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 920 Feedback

  1. Kath

    I’m really pleased you’re enjoying it. I’ve been given a Lumia 920 to have a go too and I haven’t had the best of luck with it unfortunately. Lots of freezing and crashing applications – especially Twitter! – have absolutely done my head in, unfortunately. I’ve also found that the messaging app has crashed whilst I was in the middle of sending a fairly long text (about 500 characters long) and had to start over again. The most annoying thing is that when the phone froze, sometimes for up to half an hour, I couldn’t remove the battery to restart the phone so just had to wait it out. Not great when when it happened to the maps app because I was lost! And generally I found the Lumia 920 to be slow considering it’s a brand new phone.

    I’m used to the Samsung Galaxy S2 though, so obviously there was a lot to live up to. I had the Samsung Galaxy S and I loved it, and I love the S2 even more. I like the quick texting using swype, the great camera, the super quick processor, the Android interface… So when I was given the Lumia 920 to sample it was probably up against some quite fierce competition before I even got it out of the box. The very first thing I noticed though was that the Lumia was so heavy. It actually made my arm ache to hold it, but the phone itself is lovely and smooth. The battery lasted longer than my S2, with charge left at the end of the day. I didn’t like how it didn’t give me much notice before it switched itself off though.

    I agree that the camera is also really good and I like that it has a dedicated button. I didn’t like the wide screen pictures it produced, but there’s probably a setting I could change somewhere to make the pictures less long. What I couldn’t change was the sluggish response of 2-touch zoom changing. Using the phone with 1 finger it very responsive, but with 2 it takes a while to recognise what you’re doing.

    Unlike you I didn’t have any problems with the buttons being too small when texting, but I think the next word prediction on this phone was actually excellent. It did make texting very quick, and some of the suggestions for the next word were really funny. However, like you, I’m not a huge fan of the Windows 8 tile screen. I found it quite unattractive and unnecessary big. I wasn’t that impressed with the apps available but I understand that the Windows app store (or whatever they call it…) is still in its infancy and will take a while to get on the same level as Apple and Android. I can’t see me getting a Windows phone any time soon, and as such I probably won’t be getting a Nokia phone for a while either. I’m so glad I got to trial this phone because I would have been gutted if I bought it.

    1. Luis

      Hold the volume down and power together for 10 for a power reset, like pulling the battery.


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