Adding Search Providers to Internet Explorer 8 or 9

By | April 22, 2011

I have been frustrated recently as I was not able to easily add a new Search Provider to my Internet Explorer 8 installation unless it was pre-listed in the provider gallery.

Annoying in the extreme as I like to have Google UK and BING as my search providers with Google UK (yep, that’s right) as my default.

Some hunting around helped me find the excellent search provider “create your own” page at that  IE7 used to present when you installed it:

Let’s hope it’s around for a while.

Another example of how “newer” is not necessarily “better”.

3 thoughts on “Adding Search Providers to Internet Explorer 8 or 9

  1. Sharon

    Oh I so can relate !!
    I’ve spent an ANNOYING hour trying to add a simple thing like YouTube to the drop down list in my search box, Adding Ebay to it was easy as it was available as one of their options HOWEVER no matter what way I worded ‘YouTube’ (how many ways can you spell it -lol) their search could not find it !! In Explorer 7 it was SO easy to add different websites as search providers but in Explorer 8 this time consuming,, getting nowhere, ‘process’ is ridiculous. I still have not figured it out and I’m very computer savvy, so this just boggles my mind !! YES new is NOT necessarily better 😉

  2. Sharon

    A MILLION THANKS, the link worked, ironically that is the link I used before for Explorer 7. And if I’m not mistaken Explorer 7 or Google gives you that same link to add more searche options to your search box. Why on earth did Explorer 8 not provide the link and instead make it so insanely complicated ?? I’m still curious how it is meant to be done ‘their way’ ?

  3. AhALE

    Unfortunately, that link now leads the the limited Gallery of providers—<sigh


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