Monthly Archives: October 2010


What is it with spiders this year? There have been some mammoth beasties trapped in my house this summer. granted, i live in a 340 year old cottage and so creepies, crawlies, slitheries, runners and flappers are pretty commonplace, but this year I have seen some tarantula sized examples of the regular brown house spider.… Read More »

Wayne Rooney, you plonker

Over the last few days we have truly seen the problem with the modern game of football (“soccer” if you are reading this in the US of A). First up, let’s set the record straight: I’m a Fulham fan so no vested interest in either party here. Who is involved? In the left corner, wearing… Read More »

Jean Michel Jarre World Tour 2010 – TWICE!

This weekend has been monumental! I have not seen “the big guy from France” for a few years (Athens 2001, I think) and have been eager with anticipation of his much publicised World Arena Tour since I first heard about it early in the year. As somebody who has been a lifelong fan (my first… Read More »