Samsung N150 issue; Cannot adjust brightness in Windows 7

By | September 17, 2010

Came across an odd one this morning.

I was using my Samsung N150 Netbook (which is a great little box by the way) and went from AC power to battery as I moved around this house. Handy, you might think.

The display stayed bright and could not be adjusted using the FN key as normal, my battery life was in peril!

A few checks and I noted that a Windows Update had occurred which had applied an updated version of the Intel graphics driver since I had last used the N150 and my mind immediately assumed this was the culprit.

I went up to Samsung’s rather “HP-like” driver download site and grabbed the version they had (version and applied it (Run As Administrator required) and after a re-boot all was working again.

Top Tip Moral:

ALWAYS look at what Windows Update has been doing to your ‘pooter, it is a trixie little Hobbit on occasion and frequently breaks stuff in my experience!

2 thoughts on “Samsung N150 issue; Cannot adjust brightness in Windows 7

  1. Geetha


    I have the same problem in my netbook can you help me?
    Where did you download it form? Also im on 64bit win7



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